Is this server will give me a better computer from my home?

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Hello there
I have an opportunity to buy a server processor with 12 cores AMD 2.3GH AMD Opteron 6176 SE
This table # support_QVL

I need the computer for Contents to all processors possible
Connected to a HD 7900 Video Card

If I'm working with 12 cores at 2.3 GH
It's faster than from 8-core AMD 8320? 4.5 GH

If I'm working with 2X12 cores at 2.3 GH = 24 cores

do I accept the processing power of 24 processors ?
Is my calculation is correct ?
Are two processors can work together on the same work ?
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  1. For WHAT work or program ?
  2. Video editing, graphics, three-dimensional
    ii work with 1100t / 8350
    and it is not Not enough

    All six or eight cores all working
  3. I can't think of a good reason to run a 6176 SE at home. I use them at work in VM servers hosting 20+ virtual servers each, but at home, you are going to want fewer, faster cores.

    Unless you are getting it for cheaper than the cost of an fx8350 and the MB is free, I'd pass.
  4. 12 cores or 24 cores 2.3 GH
    Not better than - 6 or 8 cores 4.5GH ?

    12 cores or 24 cores 2.3 GH
    Do not do the job faster?
  5. What job?

    Very few jobs you run on a home computer can spin up 12-24 threads. Honestly it's rare to stress that many cores in typical business server use, which is why we turn to virtualization to get good hardware utilization.
  6. Video processing software thirsty for more processors

    See a video with Skiller 75 fps
    Movie 720P takes all cores
  7. You should have said that originally. Video is one of the "Very few" jobs that can use a lot of threads. :)

    How much money are you going to be paying for the Opteron and motherboards? The 6176 is two generations old and it's got a fairly slow 2.3Ghz clock speed. You may be better served with two newer Opteron 4300 series (essentially a multiprocessor Vishera)
  8. I need processor WITH commands 3DNOW!
    and only 6176 or 6180 have commands 3DNOW!
  9. Is 12 or 24 processors at 2.3 GH can play 7950 video card? Fully
    Does the number of processors equal to the processor speed?
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