Weird buzzing from my psu?

hi everybody.
1 day ago i upgraded my XFX 6870 "DD" to a Gigabyte 7970 OC(what an improvement), but every time i go fire up a game my psu makes a pretty loud buzzing nosie, if anyone has some ideas of what could cause this problem i would be glad to hear them :)

My pc's spec is(evrything is 1 year old, except the 7970)
Intel 2500K
8GB of corsair ram(2x4GB)
PSU:XFX XXX edition 750 Watt(semi modular)
Gigabyte 7970 OC

sincerely, Ruben.
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  1. It can be just how the PSU works (quality PSU?), or that it is nearing full load. Also, do you hear a whining sound? Like coil whine?
  2. XFX PSU use well reviewed seasonic platforms but still a bad coil is not unheard of. Just make sure it's not the PSU fan or video card fan
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