Need help with a $600 gaming build

I plan on getting the i5 2500k and the amd radeon 7870 2gb graphic card. I am actually going to be buying on black friday but i need to know what other parts i need to make a good gaming pc to play bf3 on atleast medium to high and other games that might come out in the near future

so far

cpu-i5 2500k $160 at microcenter
GPU-amd radeon 7870 $250 newegg
case-dont know
PSU- dont know
Ram- want atleast 8gb
harddrive-no ssd maybe atleast 640gb HDD
fans- i dont know maybe if i can afford it
motherboard- crossfire compatible for future upgrades and support up to 8gb ram

If anyone would be able to create a build for me it would be greatly appreciated, also could you include a link to the items and it would be ok if the total price is like 700 or 750 because i might be able to get all of the parts for cheaper on black friday.
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  1. i forgot to add but i have the monitor, mouse, keyboard and os and i plan on putting the gaming pc on a 42inch hd tv with hdmi cable
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