Intel HD Graphics VS. AMD Radeon HD 6320

:) Hi. Which GPU is better? Intel HD Graphics (From Intel Core 1st generation) or the AMD Radeon HD 6320 (AMD E-450)?

Also I'm wondering about the same case but with the Intel HD Graphics from the Intel Celeron Sandy Bridge line.

And a last question... What about the newest Radeon HD 7340? (AMD E2-1800)? Is that a good GPU for play Minecraft? What are the specifications?

Thanks for your answers.
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  1. The Radeon card will win over any Intel graphics chip you want to put it up against, including Sandy and Ivy Bridge CPUs. It won't even be a contest.
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    The radeon graphics are generally better. They offer better picture quality and slightly more performance than the celerons's HD graphics.

    They should all be able to run minecraft decently.
  3. The integrated onboard amd graphics chipset is far superior to any of the intel offerings.
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