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Hello. I want to get three monitors for gaming and i have some questions about which graphics card to buy. I currently have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 on a ASUS P8Z68-V PRO Mobo. I only have one monitor running off of the card right now, but i am planning on putting another monitor on that card, and then purchasing a new card for the third. So, would i have to get the same exact card or could i get one with the same GPU, but with less memory such as this one ? I want to find the cheapest way to get three monitors for the cheapest price, but without sacrificing quality. Thank you.
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  1. well I just setup 3 on a single 670 works better than I thought BF3 on high no aa and perfectly smooth. You will have to get the exact same card you have so another 560gtx same mem and everything. Make sure your mobo supports SLI before you jump.

  2. If your intention is to run Nvidia Surround at an ultra high resolution like 5760x1080 then you really want to get the same model gtx560. If you get one with less ram it should still work, however both cards will only be able to use the the lower amount of ram. So if you get the 1gb card and your old card is 1.25gb that extra 256mb is waisted and can not be used.

    I recomend getting another card with the exact same spec, clocks and ram size to ensure stability.

    In most situations all you really need for nvidia surround is cards with the same gpu. So as long as both cards are a GF114 it should work. A GF114 and a GF110 will not work.
  3. If you want to run three full HD screens for gaming off of a single card, I would recommend the HD 7970 3gb card as you will be running 3x full HD resolution which will require a lot of graphic vram (memory).
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