MSI 580GTX Lighning Extreme pricing??

I am thinking of selling my MSI 580GTX Lightning Extreme GPU, but I have no idea what to list the price as. I can't find any on ebay or amazon. Newegg doesn't sell it anymore either. I am looking to upgrade to a 680 if possible. Should I hold on to my 580? Its a beast of a card with 3GB of vram and plays everything I throw at it, but these new 680's are really tempting. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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  1. I'd guess you will get $250-300 for it.

    I don't like the 680, and the 580 is a perfectly capable card, so I personally wouldn't sell it.

    My advice is to only upgrade your GPU when there is a game you can't play at your desired settings/resolution/framerate.
  2. I wouldn't think it go for more than 300 atm, the 660ti supposedly was built to surpass the 580 performance wise. regardless, the card is a good card and can basically run modern games at 1920x1080 easily. i'd recommend the 2 generation rule on this situation. wait until 2 generations after in order to buy a new gpu(meaning next years flag ship model should be the model you aim for. expect it q1 or q2 2013)
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