Cant run my cpu at full power (stock) without getting blue screen

I can only run my FX 8350 at 3400 mhz via the catalyst control center, if I try to run at 4000 mhz (full power stock) my computer blue screens. What am I doing wrong?
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  1. It may be caused by overheating or overspeed protection in the BIOS
  2. cant find a way to adjust that in the bios...any other possibilitys?
  3. Download HWMonitor, CPU-Z and maybe CoreTemp.

    These programs will monitor cou usage, activity and temperatures.
    Run anything demanding benchmark (game, intel burn in etc.) and monitor the above. Keep an eye on the temps in particular.

    If at full load it only goes up to 3.4 Ghz, then there;s something wrong. I suspect you are manually adjusting the clock when it is not needed (i.e. increasing clocks when the CPU is idle.)

    Hope this helps. :)
  4. If you are running AMD's software to overclock in Windows take the software off, it is trash.

    Enter BIOS and slowly bump up the speed manually, enter Windows and check to see if it is stable. If so, re-boot and bump the speed up a little more. Remember to increase voltage a little at around 3.8GHz, and slightly use more aggressive settings on the CPU MOSFITs, VTT and so on. Drop RAM speed or increase RAM timing a little with each step past 3.7GHz, just to make sure RAM is not the problem.

    Once everything is stable at 4GHz enter BIOS and slowly increase RAM speed and reduce timing - slowly, entering Windows and check stability; do this until you are at the rated RAM speed.
  5. I haven't adjusted any clocks, or even really tampered with the bios( because Im a newb) and Im not using any overclock software, really im just trying to get it to run full power out of the box . I did a bench mark test and it will run 4020, when I adjust it to full power in the catalyst control center. But if I leave it at full power it becomes unstable. Usually when I am gaming, that does it the fastest and it will blue screen after a short time. when I adjust it to 3/4 power in the catalyst control center it is stable. I just can't seem to get it stable at full power.
  6. Your case is probably too hot inside and/or the fan on your video card is running too slow. If you have an AMD HD 5000 series or newer, you can easily preset video card fan speeds.

    Download and install HWMonitor to check temperatures, among other things. Get the free version here:

    I forgot to ask what you are using for video, sorry. Please tell me what you use for video.
  7. I'm running one gtx 680
  8. Got it,now what do I do with it?
  9. Ok people, simple question here: Why is the system crashing? Find that out BEFORE you try and solve the issue.

    Download BluescreenView, and report the Bug_Check_Strings (Should be all caps, something like MEMORY_MANAGEMENT or VIDEO_TDR_ERROR). That should give a good idea where the problem lies.
  10. all kinds of other info but the bug check string is blank
  11. joshua44 said:
    all kinds of other info but the bug check string is blank

    ...not promising. How about the Bug_Check_Code (Something like: 0x0000001A)? You can derive the Bug Check String from that.
  12. One possibility is that your powersupply is not giving out enough power. What powersupply are you using?
  13. Bug string check code: 0x00000101
  14. Power supply 850 watt thermaltake
  15. joshua44 said:
    Bug string check code: 0x00000101


    The CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT bug check has a value of 0x00000101. This indicates that an expected clock interrupt on a secondary processor, in a multi-processor system, was not received within the allocated interval.

    This is a rare one. The only time I've ever seen this thrown is an underpowered CPU, or overheating. You generally get some other BSOD if its some other hardware problem.

    So I'd check temps, voltages, and the like. If everything checks out, PSU/Motherboard are the most likely culprits.
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