Asus DirectCU II GTX 670 74C , %100 usage , %50 fan , 1950 rpm

I just got a asus dc2 gtx 670 and i was wondering are these values okay? At the benchmarks i saw it said the card would run at 60C on load.

I tried on 2 games

i get a max temp of 74

fan usage = %50

fan rpm =1950

At those test were they manually pushing the fan's usage percentage? Does anyon else have the same card
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  1. If it keeps going 100% the thing will freeze over and over. The video will be terrible.
    You are running way too hot and so, get a cooler master.
  2. What is the rest of your system?

    Case? Fans? Ambient temps?

    CPU? Mobo? PSU?
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