Intel i5-3570 turbo goes above 3.8 Ghz?

As the thread name says my i5-3570 turbos above its range.

I monitor my CPU usage, temperature and clock speeds at all time, and I have spotted the turbo reaches above 4.0 Ghz.

Is that normal? I think it seems kinda weird.
Is it because the CPU is overvolting?
Is it something I should fear?

It's not a problem at this very moment, but I would just like to know if its something I should pay attention to or just let it pass by.

Thanks in advance, guys! :)
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  1. Hi :)

    ALL chips are different...some better than others...its fine :)

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Yea like Brett said. For example my 6300 turbos to 3.6 and it's ment to go higher. Nothing At all to be worried about if anything your lucky a 4ghz turbo is nice
  3. my fx-6100 wont turbo at all :)
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