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Upgrading to GTX 670; PSU question.

Hello, I'm swapping out my 4850 and I'm wondering if my 750 PSU will be enough for the GTX 670.

The reason I ask is because ASUS's power supply calculator leads me to believe I will need a 900+ PSU.
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    The most important thing is that the +12V rail(s) has the capacity (amps) to run the card. The GTX 670 requires 173W at max load. That translates into 14.4A on the +12V rail.

    Unless your 750W PSU is a real cheapie, it should be more than enough. You might want to run the numbers thru a different calculator like this one:

    I don't know how you could have come up with a 900W+ result unless you entered something wrong.
  2. Even a good 750W PSU can run 2 GTX 670's in SLI. A good 500W could run a GTX 670 given it has the amps to push it.
  3. Thanks guys, it's a HX750 Corsair Modular.

    The card is running great :)
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