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So my pops need new PC,he was looking at BIG BOX acer crap...that was close to $500.

I said no way that's worth half that!

Here is my $500 alternative:

CPU:Intel i3-3225 (130ish)

MOBO:Intel BOXDH77EB micro (100)

RAM:Gskill or Corsair 8gb kit (70) *Little pricey due to CL7@1600

PSU:Seasonic SSR-360GP (55)

CASE:Silverstone SUGO 9 (140ish) NEW MODEL

DVD:Liteon ihas524 (25)

HDD:Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200 64mb cache (70)

OS:Windows 7 Pro 64bit OEM (125)

As you can see I am overbudget :non:

Where can I cut costs without making too much sacrifice.

I would like to keep CPU,PSU.

PS. The case needs to fit on office desk,so nothing HUGE!!!!!

Any input is appreciated.

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    you're spending a lot on the case considering the budget. Something around $50 seems more reasonable. Saw this one for $40, it's a little taller than the one you listed but the other dimensions are about the same.

    edit: here's some cheaper ram too, 4GBx2 corsair 1600 CL9 for $40

    Also, if you live near a microcenter, they have the AMD FX 6100 for $110 or FX 8120 for $140 plus $40 off a motherboard when purchased together. I know you said you wanted to keep the CPU, but it seems like a good deal to me.

    Here's the link for that
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