Xonar essence st and PCI slots

I have a ASRock Z77 Extreme4 ATX LGA1155 mobo , on my board they say they don't support standard PCI slots but have 2 PCI slots using pci express x1 lanes using a ASmedia asm1083 bridge chip. I just need to confirm I can buy a Xonar Essence ST sound card that uses standard PCI slots that will work on my mobo
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  1. This chip translates signals from PCI-e to PCI, providing compatibility for legacy devices. It's completely transparent to end-user. You can use any PCI device with this board and it will work.
  2. Can I just plug in the board or is there anything I need to do
  3. Just plug it in, like for an usual board. Nothing more to do, just install the drivers provided by ASUS and that's all.
  4. if u got the require slot just plug and install drivers.
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