Should i wait till next year to build a gaming pc

i wont have the money for a gaming pc till december-january so should i wait till next june when most of the next gen stuff has come out? if i wait ill be able to build a even better gaming pc. but the one i build in december would still be able to play games on medium in a couple years. i dont really want to wait that long to build one either, as i have been wanting to build one for about 6-8 months.
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  1. Depends on you. This year or next year, whichever. Although, next year, Intels Haswell processors are out next year and they will be using the new 1150 socket so new motherboards will also be out. Basically, dont expect technology to stay as it is for more than a year. (unless producers have hit a wall)
  2. if you need system, build it now. if you can still hold it off, it would be until june when intel releases their new chips
  3. Technology is in a constant state of "better-for-the-same-price/cheaper-for-the-same-thing next year"

    You can play the wait til next year game for however long you can go without a new pc. I'd say just buy a new one when it is financially right for you.
  4. Playing the waiting game is sometimes not worth it. While things are always getting better, building a good PC now will give you what your looking for, even for a few years in the future.

    Another thing to remember with technology is spending more now and again later is better than spending less now and again sooner. If your budget is rather limited, that may be a reason to wait, rather than for the new tech.
  5. TheBigTroll said:
    if you need system, build it now. if you can still hold it off, it would be until june when intel releases their new chips

    Buy it now. Haswell will be an improvement but can you wait until June?
  6. New computer Hardware is constantly comming out and therefore you could always talk yourself into waiting. My personal theory is get what's out now that has been tested, debunked, debugged, and proven to be reliable than take a chance later buying something new that could have major issues/bugs/wanna pull your hair out touble. Then later after the release read the reviews/forums/benchmarks and decide if you need/want an upgrade at a later date if you feel your PC is not grinding at the level you want it to. I personally think this would save you money and heartache.
  7. My last piece of advice: if your not buying it soon, dont plan it now. Will just put on your mind that "OMG New PC in 2 months feeling soooo great" just to end up depressed because of how long 2 months actually is.
  8. Well that is a catch 22.

    The truth of the matter any PC you build Dec-Jan would last you for about 2-3 years if you build it right.

    The area to spend the money would be on graphics and processor speed when you do. If you do that you will not regret your decision when you decide to buy the parts.
  9. Just curious on what you are running now. Is it desperate need for upgrades? If so i would not worry too much about what comes out when, there will always be something about to come just around the corner. Just grab the best bang for your buck when you can give yourself a few upgrade options. Like an i3 system now but can go to higher pretty much at any time but if you have to swap mb it won't hurt as much. plus this way you can upgrade pieces as new stuff comes out and always have a very decent rig.

    Since you have said dec-jan i would take advantage of black friday deals and build decent rig. no matter what happens it should last you a good while and you did not break the bank.
  10. I think ill just buy in january and then upgrade the graphics next summer, i was planning on getting a i5-3570k , gtx 660
  11. that would be kinda dumb given by summer, the haswell chips come out and then you get a unbalanced rig
  12. Just but one today. Things change quickly unless you are as college kid and parents take care of everything like 47% of people.
  13. Should i buy a 800 dollar rig just to last me till the summer then?
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    What are you running now? buying anytime soon may not be an issue if you already have a decent rig. Or you might just need an upgrade here and there and be set til next year.

    If you want something now for medium gaming then an i3 system now can be a good investment. it can be upgraded bit by bit and you can choose what to wait for and what to get now.
  15. currently, i have a mid 2010 macbook pro that can barely run minecraft. i would really like to get a gaming pc sooner then later.
    i put together an i3-2120, gigabyte ga-g75a-d3h, and xfx 6870 for 850 bucks. i think thats what i get cause i can get it in about a month and it will last me till august when ill have a job and enough money for a really awesome pc. dont criticize the graphics card i picked its on for 130 bucks where i live
  16. Take that budget and hit the system forums. there is a sticky on "how to ask" for builds, just basic questionnaire. Challenge the community to beat/rate your build so you get your the best bang for your buck.
  17. i think it is the best bang for your buck, 130 bucks for a 6870 is pretty good
  18. i just found out that i can buy it within the next week, so i think thats what ill do
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