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I currently have a hd 6950 2gb sapphie oc edition, 8 gigabytes of ram, and the intel core i5 3550(3.3-3.7ghz). On crysis 2 ultra, with fraps on, I am getting 16-17 frames per second. with fraps turned off it still feels not smooth, something like below 30. On this video: is getting an average of 43 fps with fraps turned off. My gpu has the latest drivers, is running at 1080 by 1920, and is connected via a dvi cable. My computer has no viruses too. My power supply is sufficient with 600 watts. Anything that could be affecting it?
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    run it on dx9 and you'd have no problem. dx11 just add useless stuff that bogs down your system so it looks like the game is more demanding than it is.

    Also use a ssd if you are going to use fraps. run the game off ssd and record to your main drive will make it lag much less.

    that guy has a 6970. His 6950 is unlocked into a 6970.
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  3. Thanks a lot. Can't tell a difference between the 2 and i get faster framerates on dx9
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