Could this run Crysis?

Well hello there,

Just a simple question really. I'm wondering whether to buy this computer, as it's going quite cheap, but I want to know if its CPU and GPU are up for running Crysis, I always see the game as a kind of benchmark (don't know if it still is :P)

I'm mainly concerned about the CPU, as its only around i3 level.

CPU = AMD FX 4170

GPU = AMD 7850

Thanks in advance
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    All the best Brett :)
  2. Crysis will be a benchmark for gaming rigs for a long time yet :)
    Get yourself on the C3 beta while its running, it will give you an idea of how the rig handles things :)
    Theres also a few C3 related threads over in the gaming section, you may find some 4170 owners reports in there
  3. I would trade the 4170 for the 4300 (newer model, newer architecture)

    Or even put an extra 10 bucks and get the 6 core version, 6300.
  4. He's not likely to buy a Pc and swap the chip straight out,
    if he could then its an option but most folks have budgets and I reckon his is geared to the Pc being a straight up purchase with no tweaking necessary
  5. Yeah, I'm not really computer savvy, at all, so I try and stay clear of tweaking anything.

    Thanks for the advice though. Any is welcome!
  6. Is Crysis like one of the harder games to run like BF3 ?
  7. Crysis is still a pretty demanding game to run. It is more demanding than Crysis 2 since Crysis 2 was designed to run on multiple platforms while Crysis and Warhead were designed exclusively for the PC.

    While the DX11 patch and ultra high resolution pack for Crysis 2 made it a more demanding game, I believe the original Crysis is still a bit more demanding.

    Not sure about BF3, but Crysis will be easier to run than Far Cry 3 and Metro 2033.
  8. yes.
  9. Witcher 2 Fully maxed+ubersampling Dat game DAT GAME. My friend gets 30-40fps on a gtx 680 haha
  10. that game is graphic intensive yes.
  11. So would this CPU and GPU be up for running Metro 2033?

    I'm not really concerned about BF3 as I have no intention of playing it.
  12. ya it run it notbad.
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