Need advice on cheap processors

Hey guys,
Basically I am trying to build my first computer on a budget and need some advice on what cpu to use, whether AMD or Intel and have narrowed it down to these two choices:

-AMD A4-5300 3.4GHz FM2 1MB 65W Black Edition(£35.91)

-Intel Celeron G555 2.70GHz S1155 2MB(£38.98)

However if these are just total rubbish am willing to upgrade to either of these, but not sure whether it's worth it or not(as am really trying to stick to a low budget):

-AMD A6-5400K 3.6GHz FM2 1MB 65W(£51.99)

-Intel Pentium Dual Core G640 2.80GHz S1155 3MB 65W(£49.22)

Although I am open to suggestions to any type of processor (just thought I'd try and narrow it down for you guys).

P.S. Mostly will need this pc for just day-to-day stuff but would like to be able to play some decent games on it (Obviously nothing too high tech with this budget) and am willing to go for the more expensive processors if they would allow me to do this.

Any input is much appreciated and thanks in advance :D
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  1. Are you going to add a discrete graphics card?
  2. I'd prefer to not have to but will if it is truly the best option.
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    Then I would recommend the a6-5400k out of those. It's got quite a bit better graphics than the 5300, and should run almost most games at 720p and older less demanding ones at 1080p. The cpu part of the intel's will be better, but they won't do much gaming at all. But for day to day stuff all of them should be more than fine.
    Try to get as fast ram as you can. You can usually get 1600mhz and sometimes even 1866mhz for about the same price as 1333mhz. It will mean better graphics. Make sure you get 2 sticks regardless of which speed you get. Given that it's a k processor, it's also unlocked which allows you to overclock it. You won't get a grand overclock with a stock cooler, but you can get a little bit more performance out of it.
    Here's what you can expect:,3224.html
  4. Thanks mate, I really appreciate that. :)
  5. Of the 4 CPUs listed, the A6-5400k would be the best option if you do not want to install a graphics card. But I don't recommend playing games above 1366x768 and medium quality graphics.
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