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Hey guys
i just upgraded my PSU on the advice of the community from a unbranded 750w psu, to the 'xfx 650 bronze XXX' i had been having a problem that when playing games after say 10-20 minutes of play the whole pc would randomly reboot. after consulting on here the general consensus was that it was either cpu or psu. and i have to say that since installing the new psu i have not had the problem yet. so thanks,
however the power supply when connected makes a strange electrical whining noise. i have heard it could be to do with the coil? it definitely isnt the fan, and i was wondering if there was anything anybody knew about this problem. whether there was a way of stopping the noise, or if it is just a general problem that some psu's have??
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    What you are hearing is known as 'coil whine' and in some cases can be eliminated by changing the load on the PSU. Adding a fan or two may be all that is needed or even overclocking (if possible) may increase the load enough to reduce or eliminate the noise. On a more sour note, I have seen where otherwise good PSU's would continue to whine regardless of load - hope that isn't the case here
    Hope it helps
  2. Thanks, luckily for me i have a good relationship with the place where i bought the product, and they have said that if the noise doesnt go away they will happily replace it for me. i shall try overclocking my cpu abit then. havnt done that much before,i have a i7 920, and it is currently running at 3.3 ghz. i have just put the xmp setting on in the bios and most settings to auto. Not too sure how much higher i should go?
    my system has 3 fans, 560ti, 16gb ram two HDs, 1 SSD, and a hyper evo 212 cpu cooler.
    any help would be great??
  3. Yeah it sounds like coil whine. typical in systems where the graphics card is connected via a 6 pin or something similar. You generally get it when the graphics card requires a lot of power loading something, however other components can cause it too.

    There is no way of solving it (as far as i am aware). You can try and get it replaced but a lot of PSU manufacturers will only replace them if it is excessive.
  4. xfx powersupply is made from seasonic and some of there units make a coil sound, u can try to rma it but im unshur if its specific to some models or just a defect on some.
  5. no worries! thanks for all the help. i have tried a number of methods from over clocking my pcu, to underclocking, to changing the load on the gpu. nothing seems to be doing the job. so i think i will just take it back and try another. hopefully it is just a couple of them. not all the models. very frustrating though as i have been using a unbranded 750w psu for the past 5 years and have never understood why when i played games my rig would shut itself down! all clear now! haha.
  6. no problem.
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