First build mid range gaming pc

Approximate Purchase Date: release of windows 8 (begin november)

Budget Range:950-1200£ (or 1200-1500€) a little more or less is ok.

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming - 3d rendering - programming - ...

Are you buying a monitor: no

Do you need to buy OS: Yes Windows 8

Location: Belgium (Gent)

Additional Comments:

I don't need to play all new games on the highest grafical option, but i want to run all new games (even in a few years from now) to smoothly.

The pc needs to have enough power to render 3d movies in a decent amount of time.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:, or any site that has all the parts you're mentioning

What I was thinking:
Corsair Vengeance DDR3,1600-16GB KIT
Intel Core i7-2600K

But I'm just starting to research so if you coulf help me out.
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  1. You want the i7-3770K not the 2600K.

    Sabertooth is overrated and unnecessary. A normal Z77 mobo will give almost the same features for less. I suggest the Asrock Exteme4 or Gigabyte UD3H/UD5H.

    For the GPU, you want the MSI Power Editon GTX670 since it has over volting and a great cooler.

    PSU, a good unit from Corsair, XFX, Seasonic, PC&P will do you good.

    A case, its more on personal preference. Usually I recommend the Corsair 500R.

    I dont know any stores in Belgium, so I cant give links. :(

    From what Ive heard, windows 8 SUCKS. Its like Vista but for cellphones lol.
  2. Couple of things that need clarifying, to be able to assist. What monitor are you intending to use, and what specific software are you using for "movie rendering" (can restrict choice of graphics)
    Personally, I wouldn't be in too much of a hurry to use Windows 8. Apart from use of touch screen monitors, I've yet to see anything to justify it, over Windows 7. Still, it's early days, so I may be proved wrong.
    The Sabretooth is an excellent mobo, in terms of quality and robustness, but it is a lot more expensive than some equally capable boards. Of course, if you are happy to pay more for the "quality" of Sabretooth, that is your choice. Having said that, whilst they will work together, the 2600K and Z77 are not the ideal match. I would suggest the i7-3770K is a better match for that mobo, and will give better performance, unless you have a particular reason for using the 2600K, in which case, the mobo could be changed. You need to be careful exactly which RAM you choose, but if you can clarify above points, we can advise on all those points.
  3. As a monitor i was planning to use a small tv. (22" 1920*1080)

    As for rendering i'm using 3dsmax mostly.

    I don't have a particular reason to use the 2600K, started thinking about that one after seeing it on a few prebuild pc.

    I liked the Sabretooth because the pc will be in a room that gets dusty from time to time.
    Don't know if other boards are easely "hurt" from that.

    Windows 8 I'm getting anyhow to get to know it. (Since the company I work with will start to use it.)

    thanks in advance for the fast reply's
  4. Obviously, what you do in relation to operating system. You should get the Professional version, of whatever. Personally, I wouldn't go near Windows 8, for at least a while, but that's your choice. The i7-3770K, is the better option, for processor, so suggest going with that. As regards dust, I'm not really sure Sabretooth is THAT much better than anything else (decent). The answer, really, is a case with decent filters, that you clean/replace regularly; plus a ventilation system that keeps a positive pressure in case, so dust doesn't get sucked in by other routes. As to graphics, 3dsmax uses CUDA, so you should use nVidia based cards. To get that, and gaming, you should be looking at GTX660, up. Obviously the higher, the better will be the gaming experience (one of the reasons I queried the Sabretooth.) You have a reasonable budget, but every Euro saved (sensibly), gets you towards the best gaming card.
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