Enough power from my PSU ???

hi all,

decided to keep running my current system for a while longer, but have an easy chance to upgrade a bit as a friend wants to buy my HD 4870 1gb to crossfire with his HD 4850 512mb. the card is currently paired with my HD 4870 x2 in trifire for decent frames in BF3 with mixed settings, but for the difference of about $40 i could slap in another x2 for quadfire and maybe push another 5-10fps. i haven't, and won't bother OC'g the GPUs (which might save some volts).

:hello: my question/concern is if my PSU will buckle under another power hungry GPU... ??? :hello:

Corsair TX750 PSU
955BE C3 @4ghz on air and stock volts
16gb Corsair Veng 1600 @stock timings
60gb Crucial C300 SSD
1tb WD Cav.Black HDD
Lite-On DVD
Mugen 2 rev.B HSF w/one stock 120mm (pull) and one 38mm x 120mm .6v (push)
2x 92mm
2x 140mm
4x 120mm

thoughts? thanks in advance!
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    Quick tip: Google "Power supply calculator". there are some useful links to help estimate your system power draw.

    The Corsair one recommends an 850W minimum. Mileage may vary though. I think 750W would be on the very edge, with no safety margin.
  2. thx Koos. unfortunately it doesn't look like i should do this, and even my trifire is pushing it a bit already... makes sense, as the TX750 blows quite a bit of warm air.
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