Is gtx 670 good enough for gaming on 2560x1440?

Is the gtx 670 good enough for gaming on 2560x1440? I am planning to get the cheap Achieva Shimian 2560x1440 monitor. Will i be able to play games like bf3, d3, wow, sc2, and skyrim on max settings. If not, do you guys recommend me getting a asus 1080p monitor?
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  1. Its usable(albeit i would normally recommend an AMD card at this resolution as even AMD cards can beat nvidia cards in nvidia optimized games at this resolution) you should more or less get at least 40 fps when you overclock the 670.

    here was the 12.7 reference and if you look through the benches in the games, youll notice a pattern when games go from 1920x1080 to 2560x1440(well theirs was 2560x1600)
  2. do you recommend that I get a hd 7970?
  3. Only if you are decently good at overclocking and really want to play on 2560x1440, as amd cards are vastly underclocked for its stock performance. but regardless, the 670 is a fine choice too.
  4. would u rather game on a 1080 monitor or 1440 monitor?
  5. resolution is all preference, most people are fine with 1080 as getting 60fps+ at 1080 is easy. 2560x1440 is an enthusiast resolution and requires a bit of gpu power to hold it past 40 fps. generally rule of thumb follows(30 fps = acceptable, 60 fps = ideal, 120 fps= overkill, but 120hz monitors can display it)
  6. last question, I am building a new computer. Should I buy windows 7 or wait until windows 8 comes out?
  7. either should be fine(though win7 should give less immediate problems) though i havent used win8 myself, Valve's Gabe Newell and Blizzard Activition's Rob Pardo already is showing discontent with Windows 8 due to the fact that microsoft is trying to make a "windows store" to control what games can be downloaded on the platform.

    on a side note, valve in general is trying to get gaming onto the linux platform first having steam work on linux then later valve games, would be nice for others to follow suit albeit it would be hard.(if only there was more support for linux, gamers wouldn't have to buy windows to game =X)
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