MSI GTX670 PE vs MSI 7970 PE Which?

I've been holding out on purchasing either, waiting for prices to dip. Now, locally, I can find both at almost exactly the same price, less than 10 dollars diff, with the radeon being 10bucks more.

Question is, for this price, which would be the more suitable card to get for general gaming. Intend to BF3, Skyrim. Overclocking would be looked at as well.

Have seen the benches where both seem equally decent with the latest drivers. Also, with the 7970 PE, carrying the same build/power phases as the Lightning, has skewed my decision-making towards the ati a bit.

Original plan was to purchase the 670 for the lower price, but with both being almost the same cost right now. Which would be better bang for buck?

input appreciated!
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  1. AMD HD 7970
    -OC's better than the GTX 670

    GTX 670
    -Consumes less power than HD 7970
    -Generates less heat
    -Supports Nvidia PhysX
    -Supports Adaptive VSYNC
    -Supports TXAA

    Regardless of getting either card, both will do really good for gaming.
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