Is there a good place online wher I can spec all the parts, then have a qualified tech build/ship? I don't want an OTC build, but I also don't want to buy all the individual parts and build it myself.
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  1. Buy the parts yourself and have a local tech build it for you.
  2. the best website to spec parts is tomshardware.com ,but you dont have to search too much because the most tow important parts are CPU and graphics card,the best desktop CPU price/performance is core i5,and if you want a prebuilt desktop i suggest to buy one without graphics card, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883155476
    then buy a graphics card and install it your self because its very simple and it would be cheaper and i suggest this good price/performance graphics card
  3. Dell includes PSUs only powerful enough for the original system, perhaps with a minor upgrade. Add a HD7870 to a Dell system without replacing the PSU, and you'll kill it.
  4. jtt283 is right you also need a new PSU .
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