Is this PSU sufficient for my gaming build, and Case Advice

Hi I'm building my first gaming computer after thankfully being saved the fortune of buying an Alienware computer!

After gathering the parts just an antivirus and Case and PSU remain, I have thought about this but I'm unsure as too whether getting a 650 W will be sufficient,, also I've been told to not bottleneck but if that is quite costly for 650 then any other recommended is welcome!

Also a case I am struggling to decide upon but I would like an easy to work with first time so the cable routing system round the back is a feature I'd enjoy as well as tool less installation and SSD 2.5 inch compatibility, for that I was thinking or the, mainly because the Newegg tutorial used it so it would be easy for me to refer to when building :) btw thanks you know who you are for guiding me this far!

Current specs to power are:
i7 3770k 3.5 ghz 8mb cache
Saber tooth z77 mobo
Corsair 16GB 1600MHz CL9 DDR3 Vengeance Memory Four Module Kit
OCZ Agility 3 240GB SSD 2.5"
Samsung SH-222BB DVD R/W (only thing I've gone major cheap on!)
Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 670 2GB ( this will fit on the sabeertooth yeah? It's enormous!)
Windows 7 Home Premium OEM 64 bit ( not that it matters )

Thanks for reading I really hope someone can push me that list mile, play day next week and very excited to learn more about this line of work, cheers!
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  1. You don't need 650w, unless you are thinking of adding 2nd graphics card for SLi (in which case 650 probably not enough)
    500w would be adequate, but 550w probably wise. There are several decent offerings in mid 500's. Seasonic are, of course, very good, but XFX is good, reasonably budget choice.
    Not a huge fan of Agility 3. Samsung 830 or Crucial M4, are MUCH better, well worth the extra cost.
    On cases, something like Corsair Carbide 400r or 500r would be good, but cases are so much a case of personal preference.
    Do you need Sabretooth. They are excellent, but, frankly overpriced. There are plenty of good quality options, cheaper.
    Don't forget, if your are going to overclock, you will need an aftermarket cooler, for CPU. You will then need to use LOW PROFILE RAM.
  2. A 650W PSU will be plenty for the rig as it stands, but may become insufficient (actually, still very sufficient. Just pushing the line) if you want to go SLI. In that case a 750W is the way to go.

    Be Quiet is one of those brands you never hear about and only come up every now and then. What I have heard is that they are good quality, but I am not sure personally. Make sure to read some reviews on that supply or switch to a better known brand like Seasonic, Corsair or XFX to be sure.

    I can vouch personally for the ease of cable management in the HAF-X, the room back there is astounding. I'm sure if I had a lesser case the side panel would be off and cables spilled everywhere in defeat (though admittedly, I have a lot of cable. A 6 Channel fan controller and 7 HDD's do that to you).
    Though any decent case will afford you good cable management.
    I definetly recommend the HAF-X, but be aware that you can get smaller and cheaper cases that will do an equivalent job. I will admit I only got it because I intended it to be the last case I will buy for a good while and it would have to take anything I could throw at it till then (Watercooling kit in about a week :D ).

    The Agility is OCZ mid-range drive, get a Vertex 4.
  3. Hi thanks for reply. I don't see myself OC'ing in near future, I'm still quite a tech noob and don't think I'll require too currently, thanks for PSU knowledge that surprised me and will save a few bob!

    The Mobo was rather just a first time buyer thing, hoping for a future proof one and easy to work with, but again if there is one offering he same slots and compatibility I'm open to any suggestions, as I say I was going for the safe option being the first time buyer which also in terms of case was why I looked at the 2 above as they seem easy to work with
  4. Oh wow thanks for call on the Vertex 4 too, saved myself £60 on the agility and for the same item even a couple extra GBs :)
  5. If you want a high quality mobo the Asus P8Z77-V PRO is very good. Even then you can get cheaper, that are perfectly adequate, like ASRock Z77 Extreme 4.
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