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I'm looking at upgrading some pieces of my PC for PlanetSide 2 as its a heavy resourced game and I want to be able to run it right now. Money isn't really the issue right now but I want to get powerful components for what I pay. I live in the US. I have a few questions.

This is what I currently have in my computer right now:



Video Card


Second Harddrive

I'm also using this OEM Windows 7 64-bit Version


I'm looking at getting either 12 or 24 Gigs of Ram to upgrade to but I'm not sure which ones to get based on what I have now. Please note the smaller the heatsink the better since I actually had to saw pieces of one of them off due to the large Heatsink and Fans on my CPU that I put on in the past. So the shorter the heatsink the better. For reference I had to saw off the left and right fat parts of the heatsink for one stick.

I'm having a problem of finding ram that matches the timing and speed. If I get new ram will I have to tweak the voltage and stuff manually or will it do it automatically when I replace it?

I'm also wanting to upgrade my video card. I'm only using one monitor at 1920x1080. I want something that will run PlanetSide and GW2 at max FPS always without overclocking if possible. Can you recommend a card such as a 7970GHZ or a GTX680.

My SSD isnt filled up but I wanted to make sure that if I fill up an SSD I wont lose performance right? I'd like to place games I play on it a lot which wont leave to much room and delete them as I stop playing them. Is this ok for an SSD even if it gets down to say 10 gigs left in room?

Finally, if I upgrade any of these things am I going to need to buy a new OEM version of Windows 7? I'm hoping not but I wanted to ask.

Thank you and sorry for the long post. Hopefully this is enough information to get some help on upgrading!
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  1. just give us

    parts not required

    we will take it from there.

    x58 is a dead platform. z77 is the one that you are supposed to be looking at
  2. Location: US

    Parts: Only looking at a new Video Card/Ram.

    The links in my first post are what I currently have. Want to make sure the ram works with my current board. Will I need to change voltage and such? My ram is listed up above as well that I currently have. I have the X58 I wasn't planning on buying it sorry for the confusion. The stuff at the top is what I currently have in my computer.

    Budget: Money isn't really an issue I'm ok with putting 500-600 down on a video card. The ram anywhere below 150.

    Overclocking: I would love to run stock and get max FPS in everything as I get nervous with OCing.

    SLI/Crossfire: I'd like to just use one card.
  3. 1: 6gb of ram is enough for games. adding more doesnt do too much for your games
    2:for the video card, get this. but then id suggest a rig upgrade since 1366 is pretty old

    overclocking is rather easy. nividia put a voltage cap so you cant fry your card. id suggest setting the clock to around 1025mhz right when you get the card to squeeze a couple more fps
  4. You don't need 12 or 24 Gig of RAM. 4GB is sufficient and 6-8GB is the sweet spot. Unless you're working with large video files of massive, high resolution images, you don't need more RAM.

    You're already running a high-end graphics card and it's only a couple generations old. I'd doubt it have any problems running any game at playable rates. What I'd do is run the game for awhile on the HD5970 and if it's not up to your expectations, then purchase an GTX680. Maybe sell the HD5970 to defer the cost.

    If you're really running out of space on your SSD, that's probably the only upgrade I'd make; going to a 256GB SSD. Personally, I'd make sure the SSD was free of any garbage and make sure your Temp and download directories are located on the storage drive.

    -Wolf sends
  5. I bought the board new only two years ago. Is there really any reason to upgrade the motherboard?

    I get that PCI Express 3.0 is out but from what I hear the upgrade isn't really worth it and wont benefit me that much right now. Plus I have an OEM version of windows which means I would need another version of that I would assume.

    The planetside 2 beta requirements are recommending 8 gigs of ram which is why I want to go for more since I want to be able to run it at Max with full FPS and little lag.

    I was looking at the 680 series and the 7970 series for this and the upgrade to ram since its cheap anyways. If I replace ram do I have to do the voltage and stuff manually if its different or will the motherboard set it?
  6. you wont need that much ram. games wont really use that much. if you do run out, just close down everything else and you are good

    the gtx670 performs very close to a 680. with the overclock, you can easily touch 680 performance
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