Wireless Internet is Half the Speed of Wired

My computer is currently wired to the internet, but I'd like to make it wireless. I already have a wireless router and PCI card. The problem is that the wireless internet cuts my speed in half. Is there a reason for this? Is wireless inherently slower?

Wired - 5ms ping and ~25mb/s download
Wireless - 12ms ping and ~13mb/s download
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  1. What speed wireless are you running?
    Wireless has a lot of overhead and latency which can slow down speeds.
  2. I just checked my hardware speeds. The wireless card is rated up to 108mb/s, and the wireless router is rated up to 54mb/s. If I'm the only person using my router, shouldn't I have up to 54mb/s before I'm hardware limited?

    I would really like to go wireless, but I hate the idea of cutting my speeds in half.
  3. What is your internet speed?
    If your getting 25Mb/sec wired then I would say your speed limited to around that number.
    So no, you will never get 54Mb/sec wireless, even if you have a 100Mb/sec internet connection.
  4. According to speedtest.com my internet speed is about 25mb downloading with wired internet. So, upgrading to a 108mb/s router wouldn't help the wireless speed? What would?
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