Windows subscore for dual 3ghz vs. quad 2.3ghz

I have 2 laptops. the first is running phenom 2 N660, a dual 3.0 ghz.
the second I just bought and is running A10-4600M, quad 2.3 ghz.
I ran the windows system rating. the dual 3ghz got 6.4 for the processor subscore, and the other got 3.5........ any ideas of what is going on? thx!
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  1. prob a error or glitch in the scoring in windows index rating, as the a10 is a quad the .7ghz difference should not give it a terrible rating, try running it again, and make sure its not on battery power.
  2. I tried it a few times over... same result.
    but I did notice one thing.. here is the capture:!112&authkey=!AOQAX3WtNrxeE7A

    it looks like the test is only activating one of the cores in the test.. the temporary spikes on the other 3 cores are when I was using the snipping tool.. but in general during the cpu testing, only the first core was in use.. not sure if that's how its supposed to be.
    and it can't be power settings cause it was plugged in, and all of my power plans have min. processor rate of 100% even on battery....
  3. Well it may be a glitch in wei, as its not a reliable resource and i put my friends 7200rpm 160gb hdd that was pretty slow as a 7.2 on win7, so its not real reliable, try some games or applications that u have for both and look for a difference or benchmark the two.

    It may be win 8, does the Phenom dual core one run win 7?
  4. run something like cinebench/3dmark and compare results
  5. not they are both win 8 pro..
    yeah I would think its a glitch.. I need to run a benchmark... problem is I haven't kept up with certain areas of tech, like benchmarks.. also I would wanna run a game and see if it runs all 4 cores at high speed... I hope its not some driver mismatch that doesn't run all the cores as they should with win 8!!!!!
  6. cinebench will run all cores and give a end number and some comparisons, and also does single thread runs with the same thing, and its free, get cpu-z to see if all cores run at the full 2.3ghz
  7. u shouldnt pay attention to windows score. its not balanced and accurate as a benchmark tool. its barely a tool if that
  8. I will try those, thx.. also don't know if it would even work but was thinking of running AMD Overdrive.. but I think it has to be an unlocked processor to get anywhere.
  9. its a laptop. dont try to overclock it, its not meant for overclocking u might fry it.
  10. if anyone has time to look at this photos it would be greatly appreciated:!118&authkey=!AFzLPVAD12YJyTs

    and I ran cinebench, the results:
    opengl- 14.63 fps
    reference image match- 99.29%
    rendering- 0.76
    rendering single core- 0.23
    mpr- 3.24x

  11. actually the thing is that I wanna make sure my laptop is functioning at the level of the specs.. that is my main goal.

    it is A10-4600m quad 2.3ghz, 8 gb 1600mhz, sata ii connection with a sata3 agility 4 256gb, and I put a fresh, purchased copy of windows 8 pro 64bit on it.
    it is not as responsive as it should be I think. don't know for sure, but I would've guessed this thing should fly with a fresh copy of windows and nothing on it except office 2013, and having all the windows updates, and it only runs windows defender.

    it just seems to me that there is something wrong.... im gonna repost this in another thread also so maybe I get more views...

    thx all!!!!!!!!!!
  12. the rest looks good butt u have a weak cpu. the a10 mobile aint that powerful. u should of went with a i7 :P
  13. shoot I didn't realize it was a weak cpu.. I figured they wouldn't perform much different.. apart from hyperthreading.. so I guess it is functioning properly, just not a great processor..
  14. weak no, but weak in comparison to i5 and i7s

  15. one of the things I don't get though is that cpu-z rated my cpu at 900 mhz..
    in the pictures I linked above its the second or third screenshot I took..
  16. probably its in power saving mode and when needs it kicks back to regular clockspeed.
  17. makes sense.. I did set the minimum processor rate to be 100% on every windows power plan, but i'm guessing that doesn't mean the cpu would be running at 100% power cause then it would just be computing 0000's constantly or something like that.. do you know how I could test it? I think I remember AMD has a diagnostics utility on their site..
  18. nah even intel has power saving modes. u can disable in bios. it saves on battery life.
  19. hmm.. I looked in bios- nothing in the way of power savings.. do you know if there's something I could do either with device manager or system configuration or anything like that? thanks again!!
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