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i just bought a hp g6 a8 apu and was wondering if i upgrade the ram from 8gb to 16gb will this also make the gpu run better as it is a apu chip and i am not to educated in the new amd CPU,s so thanks for any input in advanced
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  1. Before you consider doing this please check the motherboard specs and see what maximum RAM and type the motherboard can support.
  2. Assuming the laptop can make use of the 16GB of RAM, it will not improve your gaming performance at all.

    You need faster RAM to gain performance, not more RAM. Becnhmarks have shown that using faster RAM does improve gaming performance, but that was tested on a desktop PC with a motherboard capable of faster RAM.

    You need to find out what is the fastest RAM your laptop can use. I might be in the manual or you need to call HP.
  3. it wont make the gpu go faster. but u will have more ram to work with when multitasking and with video encoding and design software.
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