Having serious issues installing my new gpu, ive done everything...

I been at this for about 7 hours now...and i feel there is something so stupid that is preventing this, but talk about killing the moment...i got my 670 today and i am ready to just send it back because its killed the excitement having to mess with this kinda stuff.

I am replacing my 295. I have an X58 Giga Extreme mobo, good power supply that ran the 295, and i have done everything under the sun to install this card.

Here are some of the weird things that have happened. Firstly, my 295 in this process could pop back into my system and fire up just fine, but at one point i finally got very thorough with erasing my 295 nvidia files and the driver finally seemed gone. But one of the issues that ive had with the 670 is windows cant even make a standard adapter for it.

When windows itself tries to make an adapter for the 670, and for the 295 now that its drivers are gone....im getting a code 10 in the control panel.

When i go to install the 670 drivers, it does a system check which it passes, yet when it comes to the install it just instantly says it failed. It will not install new drivers for either cards now.

When i go do a card check on geforce.com, it identifies that a 670 is in there.

Basically i just dont know what more to do at this point. Im so amazingly annoyed right now its beyond belief.

Something else too is upon bootup, windows doesnt always identify new hardware, infact only a few times it has identified new hardware and yet i still cant install the drivers.

I have vga display right now from this card, the fan is moving...that would seem that the card is powered correctly and working? Or does that sort of stuff not matter much?

I need someone to dig deep in what i can do here, ive tried so many things, safe mode file clearing, driver sweeper, you name it...but what im not getting is why the 295 was working just fine, and then once i deleted its files finally the system wasnt able to rebuild drivers for it.

I am trying to avoid a clean wipe of windows too. Any advice is appreciated.
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  1. Anyone have any ideas?

    What seems to be the issue overall is my computer can not seem to install any new graphics drivers. Thats the issue in a nutshell, it cant install generic graphic drivers and cant install the nvidia ones.

    Does anyone know how to sort this out possibly?

    My next step today is im buying windows 7 and doing an upgrade, i feel that anything should resolve most likely doing this. Anyone have thoughts please?


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  2. ok go to device manager and display adapters...if you can find gtx 670 there then its all good. Try to uninstall the gtx 670 driver from device manager and then allow windows to automatically install the drivers when it gets detected again. Now if there is a yellow warning sign(triangle shaped) next to the gtx 670, then your gpu is faulty and you will need to rma.
  3. When I installed my 670 FTW(replaced a 560 ti) no matter what I did( uninstall from the Nvidia util, uninstall each Nvidia component in the Control Panel, or have the Nvdida Util do a "Clean install"), When i would re-install the Nvidia 301.42 drivers, the report claimed that every Nvidia Component failed to install or did not install, except the driver, which passed/ installed fine. I said F**k it and moved on and haven't had a single problem, OC'ing or otherwise.

    With the 670 installed and you boot windows, do you have any picture on your monitor? If, so the basic VGA driver is working.

    Now, install the Nvidia Driver. Which one are you using by the way?
    Did they all fail except the actual driver?

    You may need to remove all Nvidia drivers/ software, boot to safe mode and run driver sweeper. It should clear everything and you can start fresh.

    Edit: Forgot one more thing you might try. Check your Windows Update history and remove any updates involving Nvidia display drivers. Then re-install your drivers.
    I had to do this with a a card in my HTPC after upgrading it.
  4. I have done everything under the sun possible, ran all those programs in windows and safe mode, reseated the gpu, ive done so much in two days now i am at a loss.

    I even went out and bought the windows 7 upgrade, installed it thinking that my issue may of been OS related....and it still does the same thing.

    So heres what i have, my card fan is spinning lightly. I can set my resolution to 1920x1200. But i can not install new drivers no matter what.

    When i go to the geforce card detector, it detects my 670. Yet within windows DM, it only shows standard vga adapter and i can not get anything nvidia related to show up in the device manager.

    Ive called evga and while i think they are a great company, their tech support is so suckin...i mean im like waiting for them to say "Ok lets try some things".....and man nothing on all the calls, they just sort of are like hmmm well it should work.

    I just dont get what the issue could be here. I thought a brand new install of windows 7 would of cleared the problem, now it was an upgrade, but ive had issues in the past that upgrades solved easily.

    Could this be a bricked card? I mean when i go into the driver installer, and it does a compatibility check it "oks" it the majority of the time, then there are times it says it cant find a compatible graphics adapter.

    But the actual driver installation process just can not even start...ive tried newer drivers, older.

    I wish i could find some new concrete ideas to try here.
  5. See this is whats weird, im looking at dxdiag.

    It shows chip type as Nvidia. Manufacturer (standard display types). But then for drivers it shows:

    Main Driver - VGA
    Version - 6.1.7600.16385
    Date - 7/13/2009
    WHQL'd Logo'd - Yes

    That is so off, anyone have any ideas?
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