Buying Core i5 2500k international?

I bought some Computer parts (motherboard, core i5 2500k, and ram) from the states on ebay. These are used items, I believe on the shipping insurance the seller put the full $300 which is what I payed for it. I told him to declare a value of $20 and send as a gift to Canada. Will this be an issue with customs?

I didn't see it fair to pay customs on a used item from which was already taxed by the original buyer in the states.

So what im asking is, will customs find out I payed more than $20 on these items? Theoretically it was an ebay auction and you can get items for Cheap. Not only this but I don't see how customs can determine the value of the items if they are over a year old and are used. Am I wrong to think this?
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  1. Hi :)

    Customs are a LOT cleverer than people think...and the law is the law...IF they find out then you PAY...

    But you may be lucky...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Hate our government...bunch of crap if you ask me. Next thing you know you wont be able to piss anywhere you want...oh wait... :(
  3. you dont have a choice to pay the custom fees. or else u wont get the parts.
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