GTX 560 ti driver problem

Hello. I just today built my new pc. I have a GTX 560 ti. I tried installing the newest nvidia driver for the card, and when I would restart, Windows wouldn't boot. Then I tried the newest beta drivers, and that made it so my monitor would lose signal when windows boots. I still hear everything starting fine. I have a BioStar TZ77B mobo. I had to uninstall both drivers in safe mode.
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  1. Did you install a fresh copy of windows?

    Have you tried not installing the driver at all? What happens?

    Try using a older driver.Perhaps the one previous to the one you tried first.
  2. Yes, I installed a fresh Windows 7 Home Premium. When I have no driver installed it just says it's using the VGA in the display adapter.
  3. I've tried multiple older drivers and they all have the same result of windows not booting.
  4. Do you have a graphics card or not?

    What drivers are you trying to use?
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