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I'm trying to find what people would recommend for a relatively cheap system that would support a large amount (64 GB minimum, 128 GB preferred) of RAM.

The specs on the rest of the system would be pretty minimal -- I'm doing large dataset statistical analysis, and the speed boost from bringing it all into RAM far outweighs any boost from CPU speed, etc.

Thanks very much in advance for any thoughts.
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  1. Getting that much main memory means going with a workstation class rig. What is your budget for this system?
  2. Is $2500 realistic? I suppose not if workstation...
  3. $2500 and 64GB (or even 128GB) might be a stretch. You also need a processor capable of crunching the numbers.

    You could start with something like this:

    You could also consider a refurbed Dell Precision. Go here to check those deals:

    BTW, what makes you think a fast desktop PC with 32GB of memory won't meet your needs? What is the size of your datasets? Also what apps are you using?
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