Will Saphire HD 7770 1GB DDR5 perform the best

I am going to buy a new graphics card.
My monitor resolution is 1600 by 900, m aiming for Saphire HD 7770 1GB DDR5, Now will i be able to play all the games(e.g. Battle field 3 etc.) with ultra high setting in 1600 by 900 resolution??

Please help me out..

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  1. you should buy Hd 6790. Which i Think is better than 7770. And yes you can play battlefield 3 and other such games on it...
  2. *BUT* Not on ultra, for you to play Battlefield 3 on Ultra at your resolution, you will need at least a GTX 560 Ti/HD 7870.
  3. actually at that resolution, it should be possible to play on ultra, but i dont know wether or not it would be acceptable to have Anti Aliasing on or not. if you dont mind possibly turning it off, I think it should do fine.

    edit: youll probably surpass the 30 fps, console games are stuck at but probably not much past 40
  4. Nope, with 4x AA, it will crawl around 35 FPS, with AA off, it will go around 51 FPS. That is high settings, imagine what Ultra would do, it would kill the HD 7770. Hence needing a HD 7870/GTX 560 Ti (Or even a GTX 570) to play on Ultra at that resolution.

  5. there's the tiny chance that the 12.7 drivers could have potentially increased the 7770's performance(as no site really tested the 7770 post 12.7 as of yet). regardless, as long as it surpasses 30 fps, its technically doing better than a console version.
  6. That's still on high settings, on Ultra, I would expect around nearly another 15+ FPS loss.
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