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So Im Building A Computer And I Was Wondering What I Should Have For Cooling For My Cpu Etc.
I Was Going For At Least 6 Fans In Either A Obsidian 800d Or A Coolermaster HAF 9 Something
Or A Similar Full Tower Chasis
I Want A Quiet And Performance Set Up So Im Wondering What Kind Of Fans I Should Get That Would Fufill Those Needs

Also Theres An Option Of Liquid Cooling As Long As It Is Reasonably Priced As Long As Its A Closed Loop

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  1. full build specs. and do u really need watercooling. as a dh-14 can hang with the best looped system
  2. i7 3770k gen3
    2 gtx 660 tis
    anything more>?
    and i think an asus mobo
    16gb ram
  3. budget for cooling+case?
  4. Probably Inbetween 200-400

    you helped me out on my last post about me chooosing a build!
    been so helpful!
  5. mhmmm other options for cases?
  6. i really like the cosmos
    iceclock said:
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