Best HD 7970!!

Hi all,
what best in thes cards
what's come 1st, 2nd and 3rd




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  1. Gigabyte.


    GTX 670.
  2. heres another brand if your interested.
  3. I need one from this 3 options
    what's best in order :)
  4. whats better
    Gygabite or Sapphire

    need help QQ
  5. Best 7970 is actually gtx 670
  6. 7970 is gtx 670????????

    I need one from this options in AMD, gygabite or shapphire
  7. option a-
    get a 670,overclock the hell outta it and you have a monster that beats both 680 and 7970 for 100 bucks less.
    option b-
    if you want to choose one of the three you mentioned,send them to me,i will test each card personally and post a small review.thanks for agreeing and select me the best answer please.end of the thread!
  8. The Sapphire cards are the same because both have dual fans and dual BIOS but one seems to be overclocked. Go with the Sapphire after GIGABYTE z68 fiasco I'll never recommend them or buy them myself.

    If you can't get the ASUS DCII nor MSI TF's then go with Sapphire's.
  9. thx but I can get those for special price and cheap
  10. Best answer
    The best HD7970 is an over-clocked HD7950, which dipped as low as $300 after rebate over the weekend ...

    And has currently settled around $330 today.
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