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I currently have a Kaze Master Pro. It's less than a year old, and already channel 5 stopped working and channel 4 is cutting in and out. Nearly overheated my rig cause I had a pump alone on channel 5 when that channel died. Technically it's still under warranty, but I suspect that the cost of shipping it out for a replacement would be more cost and hassle than just buying a new one. And I kind of have an aversion against the makers of anything that dies on me in a year or less, so if possible I would like to avoid getting back a Kaze Master Pro.

I would like some help identifying a new Fan Controller. Preferably it should be six channels, with some sort of display with a readout for the RPMs. Temp sensors are optional. I would appreciate if anyone knows of a good controller. Please and thank you.
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  1. Two different sources on an AeroCool Controller; http://www.bestpricecables.com/aerocool-f6xt-6-channel-fan-controller.html?utm_source=googlebase&utm_medium=shoppingengine&utm_content=BPC3-FANEN55406


    It meets your requirement for 6 terminals but does not have any RPM indication. The fan controllers that I know of that include RPM displays do not support six channels. AeroCool also makes some nifty touch screen versions.
  2. I really do want an RPM indicator, but if that's not possible there's nothing I can do I guess. I'll keep looking around.
  3. Six channels does include some daisy chaining. I want to keep the pump on its own dedicated channel, but in total I have about fifteen other fans I want to control. I would prefer the NZXT over the Aerocool, but the complaints about that particular one concern me a little. I will put it on my short list.
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