CPU help?

My current build is
I need it lowered to 920$ or under. I heard that GPU should be TWICE the price of your CPU? Is this true? What should I do with my build? This is such a cluster...Help please...

I basically need a computer under 920$ capable of playing metro last light, arma 3, battlefield 3, battlefield 4, All the new games on highest settings.

Is my build fine? Should i change something?
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    I don't know who makes Zalman monitors, but I would suggest you give Asus monitors a look. I've had several over the years and they are top quality for the price. Usually I end up giving them to family members and buying myself another...

    Buying a processor or gfx card by that '2:1 rule' is foolish.
  2. Ok thank you!
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  4. more like 4:1 =P

    but even that doesnt make sense. 3570k, 220 bucks. 3770k, 300 bucks. totally equal when it comes to pushing video cards for gaming.
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