Fx 4100 vs Fx 8120

Wondering how much better the 8120 apart from the 4100. Asking as just a question, not buying.
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  1. For all practical purposes, either are only mediocre for gaming. Rendering and video editing will see a boost from the 8120 over the 4100.

    FX-X3XX series is out, btw.
  2. The fx 6300/4300/8350/8320 (pile driver) are all better choices at the same price point
  3. Is the 8120 slightly faster?
  4. At gaming
  5. In multithreaded applications it is much faster. In gaming, the clock speeds determine the difference in Bulldozer arch.
  6. Both are Bulldozer and both are pretty crappy. If you really want to go AMD atleast go with Piledriver.
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