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Hello, I am a bit of a nweb to all this computer stuff but i will tell you my situation anyway. I wanted to set up duel monitors and looked in alot of places to find out how to do so. I then bought a Nvidia GeForce graphics card, and after a bit of trouble managed to get it to work. I installed the drivers and all was working well. It has a VGA port, DVI, and HDMI. I had to wait a few more days to get a VGA to DVI converter, and when i did, i plugged the other monitor into the desktop. However it does not seem to respond, not even recognise the other monitor. Doe's anybody have a clue to what I am doing wrong? Please respond soon... Thanks (BTW I am on Windows Vista)
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  1. Possible you just got an adapter and not a converter, an actual vga to dvi converter is going to cost well over $100. Since you have an hdmi port the best option would be to use a Hdmi to dvi cable like this. http://www.amazon.com/DVI-HDMI-Cable-6ft-Male-Male/dp/B0002CZHN6
  2. It transforms VGA male into DVI male and it seems to work with other setups that others have...also, the monitor I own doesnt have a HDMI port...
  3. The port on the monitor is most likely a dvi-d(digital only) port VGA is an analog signal. A simple adapter is just a passthrough and would only work if the monitor had a DVI-I(analog and digial) or DVI-A(analog only) port. A converter would convert the analog signal of the vga port into a digital signal, these converters are spendy($100+). Since you have an available HDMI(digital) port on the video card you can use either a HDMI to DVI cable(monitor only has to have a DVI port not HDMI) or a HDMI to DVI adapter and a DVI cable. The adapter that you have was most likely meant to adapt a DVI-I port to a VGA port and will not work going from VGA to DVI-D.
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