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My PC fell over and refuses to start since. Trying to go through the issues I thought I'd start with the PSU... can someone tell me if the green light on the motherboard is sufficient to prove that the PSU is working at full power? Seems obvious I know, but I thought I'd start at the beginning...
Many thanks
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  1. Unfortunately, no. A green light on the motherboard just means the motherboard is getting it's expected 5v standby power. I would first check that all connections are connected fully. Have you tried resetting CMOS? What exactly does the computer do?
  2. If it just fell over the most likely thinks are for a card to be unseated or the CPU pulled partly out of the socket. That really wouldn't damage a PSU.
  3. Thanks C12Froedman and unksol... I suspected that it was worth checking.
    If CMOS can be reset by pulling the battery then yes, I did... all connections (plugs, RAM) have been reseated and the cards for graphics and network removed to strip the potentials down.

    What happens is that I push the power button and the fan on CPU twitches and then stops - that's it...
    So I guess I have to strip the CPU and reseat that - it's was on my list but I didn't want to go in there unless I had to!
    Many thanks guys, I'll revert once I have some heat grease.
  4. Hello.
    Well that was disappointing - it has to be said that the CPU under screws and clamp - be almost unbelievable that it could get displaced. However the Heatsink has been regreased and reseated - same thing... a small CPU fan twitch and nothing. I'd love to be able the check the PSU for output - I have a volt meter - is there a method that doesn't involve me being thrown across the room with shock??
    Cheers guys
  5. With a voltage meter you should be able to check all of your output connections. This guide explains all the connectors on PSU's and shows the pinout voltages You shouldn't need to do anything more than 'jump' the PSU and start probing
    Good luck

    edit - fixed link
  6. Hey.
    Longer delay than I would have liked in replying, but been busy!
    Anyways, the PSU is working OK and indeed powered another box so that's good.
    I'll reseat everything and check all connectors.
    But I guess that the main culprit is the board but I hope not - they're discontinued I see (but one on eBay...) and the socket 1156 boards are a little thin on the ground.
    but with no other hardware to test against, I suppose I'm in the realms of best guesses?
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