Why are the Nvidia 3d vision 2 stocks so low?

I already have the 3d vision 1 setup but was planning to buy an extra pair of 3d vision 2 glasses after reading all the good reviews. Unfortunately, those glasses are nowhere to be found in Australia. There is only one available source from UK and it would cost me around $170 including shipping. So I was wondering why are the stocks so low? Is Nvidia already working on 3d vision 3 or something?
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  1. If I had to guess there is probably no real demand for them. Very few people use 3D considering the cost. But they aren't hard to find. Amazon has them (will they ship there). As does newegg if you know someone in the states.


    Nvidia is supposed to have them but their store is shutdown for"security"reasons. Sure they got hacked. Not sure where they ship either.
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