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Asus CG8270

Does anyone have any feedback on this computer?

Asus CG8270-US002S Gaming PC with Intel Core i7-3770 Processor,32GB DDR3 Memory,3TB SATA Hard Drive,Nvidia GTX660 3GB Graphics,BD-R Combo,Windows 8

I just bought it because the salesman said it was the best gaming computer they had. But when I got home, I wasn't able to connect a monitor. I tried two different monitors, two different VGA cords and HDMI. I called Asus support and they said to return it.

I'm wondering if I should get a different brand or model instead.
I haven't been able to find reviews/feedback about this desktop online...there doesn't seem to be much information about it at all!
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    Asus is genuinely a great computer company. It is unlikely that you would have that problem again. I say go for it.
  2. Thanks! I took your advice and got the same one. It's pretty awesome!
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