7970 crossfire enabled screen issues

hi all, so what exactly happens is that when i enable crossfire on my 7970's and go into game it will play fine for a few mins then it starts flickering and freezes the game either resulting in a bsod or it freezes the system and i have to hard reset it. When crossfire is disabled it runs great no issues at all. i am running the 12.7 beta drivers with the 12.7 cap1. if any one has any idea what the problem is please let me know ive searched quite a bit to find the solution but to no avail. any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!!
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  1. take out one of your 7970's and play with that...if it runs fine take out that card and put the other card in a test that...it seems like one of your cards might be bad or something....if they both perform badly which i doubt will happen it could be a software/driver issue.....also check the temps of each card make sure one or both are not overheating....are they the same exact card? (brand and model)
  2. yep they are both sapphire radeon hd7970's , and thnx for the reply.
  3. let me know how it goes putting one card in at a time we could narrow the problem down that way
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