8800 gts Artifacting?


So i recently got a computer from a friend who was using it for simple graphics and other applications, I use it for gaming, it is not the best but it runs most games smoothly however, after installing a few games on it i seem to be getting some minor but annoying vertical lines on screen during games, I'm pretty new to the technical side of PC gaming and components, I can put together a computer in about 20 minutes but when it comes to dealing with issues like this i'm clueless, any advice?

AMD Phenom II X4 955
Nvidia 8800 Gts 512
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  1. This only happens when playing games like Bioshock 2 and Asssassins creed 2. I also had some problems with Fable 3, black squares appeared in lighted areas when bloom was enabled. After i fixed that problem I still had a problem similar to the one pictured but larger black lines, also in Bioshock 2 it only seemed to show underwater.
  2. After Downgrading the Driver it seems to have improved however there still seems to be some visual problems... :/

    Sorry for the triple post, it won't let me edit any of my messages.
  3. Yep, looks like the card's dying on you, those dots usually indicate failing video RAM, but, then again...
    Remove and reseat the card, cleaning the cooler if required.
    Remove and reseat the RAM.
    Check the CPU cooler is clean (might as well while you're in there) ;) .
    Use GPU-Z to monitor the card temperatures, the 8800 could run hot under load but it should stay below 85c (give or take).
    Reinstall the drivers-Sound and video. Uupdate directX, you'll have to go to the Microsoft website for this, DX does not autoupdate along with Windows.
    Call back, y'hear?
  4. +1 Clean the system but most likely your card is at the end of its life cycle.
  5. I would agree, it's likely that the card is dieing.

    Because your screenshot has visible artifacts, you know that the issue is not the monitor or the cable to it (the screenshot captures the actual framebuffer, which has the artifacting in it).

    You can check the temperatures and stuff, run through the diagnostics as coozie suggested if you want to try to save the card, however it's very likely that your the card is simply failing (it is probably 6 years old).

    You can get an equivalent card to replace it for about 130$ or so (an HD7770 should at least match it's performance I would expect), or take the opportunity to get a nicer card such as an 7850 (~$200) that will keep you modern for quite a while to come.

    Despite the old CPU you've got, a new GPU would make your PC capable of maxing out the games you listed, it may struggle with some games that are more CPU intensive such as strategy games, but for XBOX ports, it will work great.

    If you do go for a new GPU, be sure to post your PSU model name, your budget, and your motherboard model to make sure you get a good recommendation.
  6. card is on its death bed mate.

    here's the series of events:
    1| vertical lines when gaming, not visible in some titles but prominent on others
    2| tearing of the screen, can even go black all together
    3| then when you'll get bored of gaming cos of all the black squares on the screen, you'll see the effects creep upto desktop screen.
    4| the text of your desktop icons will be illegible and when you do copy/pasting its all scrambled.

    ^ its high time that the card has been put to rest and stop its torment :)

    my 2 cents.
  7. Hmm... the card is only 1 - 1 1/2 years old?

    I won't have internet for the rest of the day however i'll reply tomorrow with some more details

  8. well then it was put through its paces far more than any should go through to die out like that. I lasted my 8600GT DDR3 Fatal1ty edition for a good 2 years and it switched hands to my pal who's been using it for about 2 years. 4 years in the pipe man :)

    can't play with eye candy, but he's the guy who wants to finish a title instead of go "wow" and sit all day looking at detail ;)
  9. CoreyD97 said:
    Hmm... the card is only 1 - 1 1/2 years old?

    I won't have internet for the rest of the day however i'll reply tomorrow with some more details


    You maybe able to get warranty service for it then, which would likely result in you getting a free upgrade, since they likely don't have those cards in stock for replacement (that card was introduced about 5 years ago, it is definitely ancient tech, I'm a little surprised that it was purchased new only a year ago).

    Check your temperatures. Also post the details about your PSU, it maybe that it's supplying bad voltage levels to the card and causing damage (it won't fix the card, but may prevent the early demise of a replacement).
  10. @ CoreyD97: You get it at museum yard sale? :)
    If it's on its last legs and out of warranty, you'll probably be looking for a replacement, as you sound fairly switched on hardware wise, I'll just point you towards this article:,3107-7.html

    The chart at the end might be the most helpful part.
    Hope you do n't need it, mate.
  11. Quote:
    @ CoreyD97: You get it at museum yard sale? :)
    located in the OP -
    snip...i recently got a computer from a friend who was using it for simple graphics and other applications, I use it for gaming,...snip snip
  12. ^
    Go to Hospital.
    Get sense of humour installed.
    Rejoin Humnity ;)
  13. :lol: wow a brainy neanderthal :) !!! just pointing out an obvious statement to some poorly evolved eyes, thas all.

    before we can suggest a card for you, OP, we'll need full system specs.
  14. 550W PSU
    8800 GTS 512
    AMD Phenom II X4 955
    4Gb RAM
    Motherboard - Not too sure, I'll check that later if you need the details
  15. Also, Removing and reseating the RAM and slightly cleaning the GPU made the artifacts appear a lot less, I will check with my friend how old the graphics card is (he may have bought it used) and hopefully he will still have the packaging, If he does not have the packaging, but it is olny 1 - 1 1/2 years old, will it still be possible to get a replacement?
  16. depends, if its from xfx, they had their double lifetime warranty but after their parting with nvidia, that card is as ancient as a panzer tank!

    I'll need more info

    PSU: what make+model - take a pic of the psu sticker on its side
    case: make+model
    ram:make and model(exactly)
    motherboard: make and model
    gpu: manufacturer -> since there are other board manufacturers like BFG, XFX, Asus, EVGA, Gigavyte.
    Monitor: res? 1680x1050?

    would also help if you could take a pic of the inside of case.
  17. Alright, I'm currently at work so i will be able to give you all those details when i get home, and as for the picture, i'll tell you now, it's not a pretty sight :)

    There's wires all over the place and since it has liquid cooling with a 140mm radiator, the last owner decided to (instead of getting a 120mm radiator and mounting it on the back) create a 'bracket' to hold the radiator and cut a square out of the case to fit the radiator through, I'll remove the radiator from the bracket and place it to one side so you can see all the components clearly.

    Thanks for all the help up to now, i'll do as you asked when i get home in 6/7 Hours.
  18. Again, sorry for the double post.

    I have just found out that it is actually older than i expected and has been used in quite a few machines since it was bought, not just the one i currently have, so it is definitely out of guarantee, since it has improved drastically after reinserting it and downgrading the drivers to the last known ones from 2009, I may try giving it a good clean and maybe as far as the baking trick, however if that does not work I will just live with it until I can afford a new card since I don't have the money to buy a new one for now.

  19. Quote:
    snipity...I may try giving it a good clean and maybe as far as the baking trick...snip
    trust me your running into your own dead end project.

    No worries if you don't have cash to splurge on a new card. I'll still need your system specs to suggest a card for future upkeep. Not all is lost, you know...?
  20. The baking trick can work, but there's no guarantee, it's best viewed as a very last, stop-gap resort, even if you have access to professional reflowing equipment.
    As Lutfij says, we'll need more details, particularly the PSU make and model and monitor resolution if we're going to suggest a replacement that will suit your needs and future budget.
  21. It's okay, I probably won't have the money for a new card till about Feb 2013 :P

    I'll just post on the forums again when I'm ready for a new card.

    Thanks anyway guys!

    +Rep for you all if that's possible :)
  22. :) its called best answer mate. Select one and this thread can be closed. By then you'll see the GTX7xx's
  23. I chose discussion on thread creation by accident and I'm still getting a 'You are not allowed to edit this message!' Error so i can't swap it to be able to choose a best answer can this thread be closed by a moderator instead?
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