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GTS 450 1gb DDR3 vs. HD6670 1gb GDDR5 ?

Hey guys,
Which one of these two cards is better ? I know that the GTS 450 is more powerful than the HD6670 but will the memory type affect performance in games ? GDDR5 is a lot faster that DDR3, so which one do you think is better for gaming in the next two years? The PSU should be a Corsair CX-430 or an equivalent one from Seasonic, Antec or Ocz.
Which one would you buy if you were in my situation ? (Please don't tell me about the better cards like gtx460 because I simply can't afford one)
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  1. the hd 6670 is more powerful just due to the gddr5 memory
    otherwise the gts 450 has a better gpu
    buy the gts 450 only if you find a gddr5 version of it
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    ^ The GTS450 GDDR3 is actually isn't that far behind. In fact, it's still ahead of the HD 6670 GDDR5. I'm saying this from experience, cause I own a GDDR3 450, and it works pretty well, almost at the same levels as a GDDR5 card.
    Th memory type won't affect it too much. I'd say about a 5-7% performance drop from the regular GDDR5.

    But you could look into more powerful cards at that price range (assuming it is around $100). You could take a look at the HD 7750 which is faster than both these cards.
  3. HD 6670 with DDR5 cost a bit of a premium over HD 6670 with DDR3. Unless the premium is low, I would rather have a faster card like the HD 7750 or HD 6770. 7750 if you have a 300 W power supply. 6770 needs a decent power supply bigger than 300 W.

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  5. Thanks for the best answer. :)
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