Changed BIOS default boot, black screen

I just got my RMA'd motherboard (MSI Z77A-G45) back and installed it into my system. I plugged a DVI cable into my graphics card and it booted into a screen that said 'You have a new CPU and memory, press F1 for setup or F2 to boot with previous settings. I went into setup, which was the BIOS. I saw that it recognized my CPU and memory with no problems. I did not check to see if it could see my SSD, HDD or DVD drive. I immediately went into the boot options and saw that Network was the primary boot option, I changed it to hard drive and pressed enter. I then turned off the computer by flipping the switch on the power supply. I don't think any of the settings saved. Now I just boot into a black screen, the motherboard's power phase LEDs are running, the CPU and GPU fans are running, all case fans are running and the system is staying on, but I am stuck on a black screen. I have taken off the GPU and tried with onboard graphics,, I have also tested both sticks of RAM and pressed the clear cmos button as well as removed the cmos battery for 5 minutes, still a black screen.

EDIT: I have reseated all the power cables, unplugged all the SATA cables and tested the motherboard out of the case. I also noticed that the motherboard that I received back has the exact same serial number as the motherboard i shipped out. There also looks like theres a thin film of a dried up liquid on some spots on the motherboard, could this be the problem?

Any idea as to what is going wrong?
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  1. Is the drive with your operating system on it the SSD? maybe with the rma'd board, AHCI is not enabled?
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