New Built PC turns on then off for 2 seconds or so

Hello everyone, I just built a new pc and after putting it together all in the case I have issues with starting it up. I seemed to have wired everything right, but the fans start up and shut down, along with the led light in the front of the case. Yes I know of the thread about what to follow when you are having new build issues. But here I go...

I have plugged in the power for the CPU
I have installed ram the right way
I have not reset the CMOS
I have not heard zaps when installing the pc, touched the side of the case before handling components
I have properly mounted the computer, taking an unecessary standoff from the case

My Build:
Inwin Dragon Slayer case
AMD Phenom 2 x4 965 Black edition
Sapphire radeon hd 6950
Kingston 1600mhz ram 2 x 4gb
Corsair Builder Series 600 watt power supply
ASrock 880gm le fx motherboard

Compatibility issues? When assembling the CPU onto the motherboard I let the cpu magnetically drop but it missed the holes in the socket. After which I slid the CPU into the socket holes. Possible cpu pins being bent?
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  1. CPU sockets are not magnetized. You always have to place it in properly yourself. It takes a fair amount of force to bend a pin, so you would know very quickly if something was wrong.

    Otherwise, it looks to be a decent system so far as I can tell. Try just using one stick of ram at a time, and in different slots to make sure the memory or dimms are not bad.

    Next step would be to bread-board, which means only installing the bare minimum of parts to get the computer to post, and then adding back 1 part at a time until you find your trouble-maker.
  2. Ok thank you this relieves me of any stress I have for bent cpu pins, so what was the force that caused the CPU to attract to the socket?

    I was aiming for breadboarding at this point, perhaps its the case bumps where there is a short, I doubt it was a shorting issue for parts, as I touched the case(no power supply connected) which was laying on a laminate wood table before handling components.

    If breadboarding seems to be checking out, maybe its the connection from the power button shorting?

    I'll get back to you all after some breadboarding. Thanks.
  3. gravity? Willpower? what makes ouiji boards work? lol

    it could absolutely be a bad/stuck power button, but typically a hard reset from a held power button is ~5sec not 2sec. Normally the timeout for bad mobo settings is 2sec, which makes me think that it is hardware related. If your mobo has an onboard power button, then try that instead of the case. If it does not, then use a screwdriver to short the on-switch pins to get the system to start up, that will let you know if the problem lies in your case's switch.
  4. All right thanks I really think it's the power switches, because I consulted the motherboard manual for wiring instructions, and I was working in an environment that wasn't dry on a hard work surface and touched the case before handling parts. So static electricity is out of the question, and the power supply is a bronze 600 watt by corsair so a faulty power supply isn't really the issue.

    Where could I find instructions for shorting on switch pins? The motherboard manual?
  5. Simply find the pins that you plug the power switch into and jam a piece of metal in there for a brief moment. It is crude, but it will work just fine. Really that is what is taking place inside your button in the first place.

    Dont count out the power supply. As good as Corsair is, they are not immune from having a bad product from time to time. Whenever you are dealing with a new hardware everything is suspect until it is proven to work in a system (and even then things like Ram can be rather tricky to be sure on).
  6. All right thanks I'll do this and if it doesn't work I know some people I can borrow a working power supply from to see if it's the power supply.

    Now to assemble this all back together and install windows!
  8. lol, glad that worked out!

    Hopefully you will not run into any other issues along the way!
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