Need help choosing a case with good airflow at sub ~$150

Hey fellas.

So I've pretty much bought everything but I'm missing a case at the moment. The most important thing for me is a case with great air flow capabilities even if it looks ridiculous I'd rather have my components cooled and protected then staring at a sexy case that'll inevitably fry my hardware.

I'm using an ATX ASRock Z77 Extreme4 mobo with a ~9.5" inch long GPU card.

These are the specs I'm looking for:

CPU socket (for easy installation/removal of heatsink)
Cable management holes
Side panel fans (the bigger/more the better. need to cool my EVGA 4MB GTX 670 because I hear it overheats when playing on max setting for a while on certain games)
Least amount of hard drive and optical drive bays since I'll be using only 1 of each
Front panel USB 3.0
Dust filters (front and bottom for the PSU - preferably removable)
H100i compatible
PREFER SIDE PANEL WINDOW (but not required would just be an icing on the cake)

These are the cases I've found so far who have most if not all of these features:

Antec Eleven Hundred
Corsair Vengeance C70
Corsair Carbide Series 500R
Antec P280 (no side panel fans which turns me off)

I can't decide and I know I'm missing on some other cases because I'm not familiar with the top chassis brands. What do you guys think/recommend?

Any help would be appreciated
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    500R and the HAF XM are probably the best for airflow.

    I would get the 500R for the simple reason that I think it looks nicer, and it has much better cable management.

    If you could push for these cases, you would never have to upgrade, and it'll be VERY good airflow. (My friend cooled his drinks in his Switch 810)
  2. The Switch 810 also has one of the best windows I have ever seen on a case. It reveals what it most people want to see, and not the ugly hard drive cages.
  3. lots of people reporting problems with the h100i

    might want to rethink the cooler
  4. NZXT's are real nice cases and with good cooling. They also look way better than the HAF series.
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