Strange PC problems. Help please!

So I have a custom build PC (I built it about a year ago), and recently, I've been having some odd problems.

-When the PC is asleep, and the monitor is off, if any program starts to do something, there is a loud grinding noise. if I let the noise persist without waking the computer, eventually, the PC will not wake, and I need to reboot manually.

-I get pretty bad framerates for my hardware. For example, I can't even run WoW on medium, or games like Torchlight, a game that requires basically no power to run.

-Sometimes, while playing games, either colored stripes fill the screen needing a reboot, or the game crashes and an error pops up about how the graphics driver crashed.

My build:

AMD A8-3850 overclocked using AMD's integrated tool to 3.2GHz
XFX HD 7850 Double Dissipation GPU overclocked to 975/1250 using AMD's integrated tool
A75F-A Black Edition Mobo
2 HDDs, both sata, 7200RPM, one is 300GB and one is 700GB
4GB RAM (I think Corsair Vengeance)
Windows 7-32 Bit
Hec Zephyr MX750, 750W
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  1. Are the overclocks 100% stable? especially the GPU, also do you have the latest AMD drivers installed?
  2. Well, to be honest, the overclocks changed practically nothing FPS wise. At all. These problems started occuring before the OCs, and I tried to OC to fix the FPS issues. Also, Yeah, I'm (pretty) sure I have the latest drivers installed.
  3. Can you tell us about idle/load temperatures on your GPU?
  4. Not quite sure, however putting 100% fan speed while playing a game has no effect on the FPS, making be believe it isn't the fans
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