Skyrim lag and skip in GTX 550 TI SLI HELP

Alright here is the problem; I have Skyrim acting weird it is as if it is set on fast forwarding also sometimes lags. The first cut scene in the game should normally be around 5 minutes but it is over in about 40 seconds. Now I searched everywhere even on here and I can't find out how ti fix it. Also doesn't help I can't Google worth crap. All help is appreciated here are my specs:

Windows 7 64-bit
AMD FX 8120 8-core processor
8GB DDR3 Ram Dual Channel
Asus GTX 550 TI SLI

All drviers are up to date.
Oh also when I start the game it puts it to High Quality graphics.
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  1. Thats really weird 550 ti plays Skyrim on ultra with no issues...

    Have you tried playing it without SLI?
  2. The issue is a glitch in skyrim. Do you have any mods installed (or a modified exe or something)? If so, try disabling them.

    A bit of googling ("Skyrim sped up") for you turned up two suggestions:

    Found 100% fix of this problem for PC ( you can also see it below in the comments) :


    2. Right click on Skyrim --> Go to process

    3. Right click process (TESV.exe for me) ------> Ask a correspondence (last function)

    4. Remove the tick from CPU 1 -----> Switch back to the game -----> Enjoy


    I have the same problem, I heard pressing Ctrl + Prnt Screen slows it back down to normal speeds but I don't know for sure, worth a try though.

    I have no idea if these will work, but your problem isn't hardware related (or it's related to your hw configuration, not that you have a bad computer specs); you may try contacting Bethesda support. Good luck!
  3. Thanks guys for the answers. I turned of VSync and that worked. The next day it started happening again so I'll try the ideas.
  4. OK, tried taking out one card didn't work. Tried turning all extra content off didn't work. Tried Ctrl+PrintScreen somehow that worked. Thanks guys for the posts.
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