My pc says mbam log is preventing windows from shutting down

Win 7 Start button not working nor is scroll, or the affirm button and the PC won't shut down PLUS malware bytes won't complete scan. Any idea what to do about this virus?

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Now, can someone tell me how to fix my PC?
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  1. Looks like you have a key logger there. Hope you don`t do online banking or anything.
    I would do a search for Mbam log see what it is in fact doing. But by the look of it since it mentions a log, it sort of says it`s logging something your doing on the computer.
    That is why what sprung to mind was a keyboard logger. so keep a close eye on your bank account, if you have done any online banking ect, used e-bay paypal, and alike to make payment online.
  2. Ah just checked it says Mbam is part of malware bytes, it creates a log of the scan process.
    So it`s not a virus, but the virus, or malware on the system may be stopping it from working to remove it.
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